Entertainment Hive 2017

Tom Ballard in UnAustralian(ish)

Garden of Unearthly Delights, Rundle Park, Le Cascadeur, until March 2

Review by Honey B

Tom Ballard certainly knows how to take the piss - a very Aussie trait. In his latest show UnAustralian(ish) Ballard takes the audience on a journey up the guts of Australia. It's 1995 and a young Ballard is just five and impressionable. His mum and dad pack him and his older brother up into the car and hook on a pop-up campervan and they are off. What makes this show so charming is the retro family slideshow aspect and Ballard truly sets the scene by reading from diaries they had to write on the journey. There are plenty of funny and interesting insights about this diverse country of ours, talk of "big things'', a few dick jokes and at the heart Ballard's feelings about the plight of asylum seekers. This is a well-rounded show and Ballard is truly at home on the comedy stage.
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