Entertainment Hive 2017

Yon & His Prism of Sexy Thoughts

Adelaide Cabaret Festival, Artspace, June 11 to 13

Review by Honey B

Just reading the suggestive title of Yon's solo show it's not a giant leap to think that there may be some non-PC content. Yon (Simon Hall) certainly didn't disappoint with many stories about his own sexual encounters, strippers, dildos, vomit and anti-depressants. Stepping out without his fellow Tripod bandmates, Yon wanted to give some of his own tunes an airing and these are songs that make Tripod's own songs seem relatively tame. The audience got in the mood for the show by shutting their eyes and squinting to get into Yon's sexiness - really most people were probably just hoping that he didn't have a wardrobe malfunction in his red silk dressing gown. There is plenty of over-sharing about the tiny man's sex life from his first sexual encounter with a pole to pity sex, a sexual encounter with a very tall friend, some arse pinching and the joys of having kids - which he likens to eating a black jelly bean! While the lyrical content was a bit lewd and tested the boundaries of good taste, that still didn't stop audience members from bopping along to the jaunty I'll Go Back on the Anti-Depressants If You Do  and If My Kids Were My Girlfriend. His explanation of the Karate Kid movie and his love for actress Elizabeth Shue was hilarious. Yon kept the energy high and he was ably backed by the gorgeous Georgia Mooney on piano and mandolin and Nao Anzai on keys and drum machine. Our Thursday night audience were bang up for Yon's sexy prism ride, but I pity the uninitiated who may wander unsuspectingly into his bizarre, sexy, mid-life crisis show.
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