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2017 Family Gala

Adelaide Cabaret Festival, Her Majesty’s Theatre, Saturday, June 10

Review by Honey B

Even before the 2017 Family Gala began young theatregoers were in the creative spirit. From feeling so special walking the red carpet to listening to the pre-show concert, Fiddle Fest by the Adelaide Youth Orchestra, the excitement was high for my five year old. So when the slick Mellow Yellow four-piece strutted in from the back of the theatre playing the trombone, trumpet, sousaphone and cowbell all heads turned in delight. But Family Gala hosts, Eddie Perfect and Ali McGregor, were not going to be upstaged by a band and when the curtain was raised the two young-at-heart performers were wearing furry animal onesies. Perfect was playing the piano in a bear suit and McGregor was belting out The Jungle Book classics I Wanna Be Like You and The Bare Necessities in a hairy gorilla costume – just brilliant. Both parents themselves, the witty duo weren’t afraid to monkey around on-stage for both the littlies and the parents. Guests included hat juggling and hula hoop twirling from two of the Briefs lads and there was a very cheeky, potty- mouthed version of Cinderella told by Eddie Bannon to plenty of laughter. Brits Michael Roulston and Sarah-Louise Young sang about ugly babies before getting some of the kids on-stage for an energetic version of Do Re Me. Adelaide’s own Michaela Burger wowed the young audience with her version of Whitney Houston’s I Will Always Love You, complete with the highest of high key changes that saw many kids covering their ears. One of my five year old’s favourite moments was Perfect’s rendition of Quiet from Matilda the Musical, however at the other end of the scale his other favourite moment was Perfect’s and McGregor’s cake fight as they celebrated the 40 th  birthday of Something On Saturday (the Festival Centre’s winter children’s entertainment program). Before we knew it, the end of the show had arrived and all of the performers joined Adelaide’s Michael Griffiths on-stage for a truly spin-out version of Kylie Minogue’s Spinnin’ Around. The Family Gala is a very special performance that’s not only for children but for parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles and anyone who loves great theatre and variety. It’s sophisticated, witty and a little bit tongue-in-cheek.

Zane, 5 years

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