Entertainment Hive 2020

360 Allstars

Royal Croquet Club, The Grand

Review by Honey B

No matter which way you flip it, 360 Allstars is an energetic, non-stop thrill ride. The show boasts “all forms of rotations’’ and it doesn’t let us down. Heralding a good dose of the 90s, there’s break dancing, BMX action, insane basketball skills and beat masters. Rashaun Daniels – or Basketball Man – was the favourite with our family as he cheekily pushed the red button for more balls. Keeping five basketballs moving was an inspiring feat and along with his mad skills he had wonderful comedy timing. B-Boys Leerok and Sette had an extremely cool video-inspired dance battle while Hungarian BMX star Peter Sore showed exactly what he could do on a bike in a small space – which was quite a lot. Aussie roué cyr artist Rhys Miller also had the audience in a spin with his giant wheel. The awe-inspiring physical performances were further enhanced by the formidable musical skills of vocal loop artist Roman MC and award-winning musician Gene Peterson (drums/keyboards). There was no pre-recorded music here. While each artist shone in their own light, these super talented performers worked beautifully together to elevate the show. This urban street circus was a noisy, exciting hit with my children – aged 12, 10 and 6 – and the rest of the cheering audience. My two boys loved seeing these skills highlighted on-stage, as did my 10 year old basketball loving daughter. Maybe there could be space for a 360 female Allstar. All three kids wanted to meet the crew after the show – and yes we bought the T-shirts!
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