Entertainment Hive 2018

Michael Falzon and Luke Kennedy in Painted From Memory

Adelaide Cabaret Festival, Dunstan Playhouse, Friday, June 12

Review by Honey B

Michael Falzon and Luke Kennedy’s masterful performance of Burt Bacharach and Elvis Costello’s 1998 masterpiece, Painted From Memory, will not fade from memory any time soon. Bacharach and Costello came together to write a one-off single, God Give Me Strength, which then turned into a complete album. Now Adelaide audiences have been treated to two of Australia’s best tenors crooning these divine songs about the intricacies of love and backed by a tight 9-piece band made up of the Adelaide Art Orchestra. The orchestra opened the show with an instrumental version of Bacharach’s The Look of Love before Falzon and Kennedy joined forces for a jaunty version of Costello and Paul McCartney’s, Veronica. After a brief sound-bite from the composers, Falzon and Kennedy launched into the show with smooth class and powerful, tight vocals. They alternated songs as the audience relaxed into glorious listening bliss. The music and lyrics are of the highest quality and it was a pure joy to revel in this show. The smartly-suited pair did have some help from keyboardist/singer Laura Bunting who deserves plenty of kudos. Bunting added another element to the show, which should be built on. While it was a pure delight to listen to the song cycle with no interruptions – maybe a well-placed comment here or there could add a little more depth to the show. There were many stand-outs during the performance including This House Is Empty Now, Tears at The Birthday Party and Kennedy’s version of Alfie. However the highlight was the threesome – Falzon, Kennedy and Bunting -  pouring themselves into a superb version of The Long Division together. This was a wonderful show and a true master-class in a polished, sophisticated performance which was rich with emotion as well as some glorious lyrics and complex rhythms.
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