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Adrienne Truscott in A One-Trick Pony (or Andy Kaufman is a

Feminist Performance Artist and I’m a Comedian)

Adelaide Fringe, Garden of Unearthly Delights, Spare Room, until March 14

Review by Honey B

Adrienne Truscott is still on a mission to see how far she can push the boundaries of comedy. And good on her for continuing on after her show about rape - Asking For It. It was no surprise that the trolls came out from under the bridge to use their computers and barrage her with abuse - some of which Truscott read out at this performance. One thing you need to know about Truscott is that she is comfortable in her skin and not afraid to show it. This show sees the witty and intelligent performance artist a little more covered up - she has promised to keep her pussy perfect but that did not mean that it was completely hidden. Truscott began this show completely spreadeagled, face-down on the stage as Chasing Cars played and images of Andy Kaufmann wrestling women appeared on the screen. She admitted it was a "gimmicky'' start to the show, but that's Truscott. Having seen her previous show about rape, it was wonderful to see that Truscott has grown into her comedic style as she explored irony and dramatic irony - whatever they may be. But she has also honed her storytelling style and her beginnings into the world of performance were hilarious. The audience was with her every step of the way. Truscott, who is a fabulous burlesque and acrobatic performer, travelled to Texas to take performance dance classes in the 1990's and to pay for the privilege she stripped at The Crazy Lady (is that irony right there?). Her tales and observations are always provocative and engaging with a good dose of sarcasm thrown in. Truscott has a wonderful voice that needs to be heard - feminist or not, ironic or not - she's certainly not a one trick pony.  
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