Entertainment Hive 2020

Amy G in Entershamement

Adelaide Cabaret Festival, June 10-11

Review by Honey B

Amy G has no shame. She used to be fearful, afraid and ashamed of certain aspects of her life. But this skinny, chicken-legged performer has shed her old skin and now frolics across the stage showing off the “stupid shit’’ she normally tries to hide. Amy G is actually a bit of a cross between Liza Minnelli and Carol Burnett and she is a force to be reckoned with as she performed in several different languages, the lady can definitely sing, she roller skates, plays the ukulele and has impeccable comic timing. What’s not to love! Amy G’s show is a bit like a social experiment as she swept through the audience like a force of nature to expose our shame and liberate the entire room. There were many hilarious moments as she flung herself on unsuspecting audience members – no-one was safe. Her roller skating routine was a highlight of the night as she slid across the stage like Lucille Ball in skates and tried to get her head-dress on. She sang wonderful versions of I Who Have Nothing, (You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman and Sweet Georgia Brown – all mainly while poking fun at herself. Be it for her non- existent boobs or boyish body. Amy G’s chicken routine was my favourite of the night as she Of course Amy G couldn’t leave the stage without performing her infamous American anthem on the kazoo – and while one kazoo is in her mouth the other is place a little lower. Shocking and hilarious! That’s certainly Entershamement.
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