Entertainment Hive 2020

Angel by Henry Naylor

Adelaide Fringe, Holden Street Theatres, The Studio

Until Sunday, March 19

Review by Honey B

There is nowhere to hide on the stark Studio stage at Holden Street for Avital Lvova as she brings the Angel of Kobane to life. There is one barrel, Lvova and Angel’s story. Rehana lives on a farm in the district of Rojava in the north of Syria – it’s a little market town near the Turkish border. Her father is a tough, strong man with an endearing love for his daughter. He wants her to run the family farm one day and he teachers her how to shoot to protect it from predators – all predators, including humans. Rehana is kind, independent and stubborn and she continues her path to be a lawyer. She’s a pacifist who loves a bit of Beyonce. Her dreams are shattered when ISIS (Daesh) head towards the town and Rehana and her mother flee for Turkey. However, the bond between father and daughter is strong and Rehana goes in search of her dad. This is the end of any chance Rehana had for a peaceful life, for her life as a lawyer and the young woman must think quickly as she is thrown into the war-torn Middle East. Lvova is funny, feisty, quick-witted, scared and determined as she brings Rehana’s plight to stark reality. It’s a physical role which runs a gamut of emotions as the young girl turns from peace-loving Rehana to the Angel of Death – a hardened soldier who shoots down any Daesh who cross her path. Her growth from innocent school girl to unwavering sniper and inspiring leader was breathtaking and empowering. Her compelling story shines a light on an area and a war that the western world can quite often forget and Naylor’s vivid script has plenty of light and dark moments including some poignant musical scenes. Angel hits the mark and is a breathtaking, unforgettable piece of theatre.
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