Entertainment Hive 2019

Arj Barker in Organic

Adelaide Fringe, Arts Theatre, Angas Street until March 13

Review by Honey B

Arj Barker is an Adelaide Fringe favourite for a reason. The US funny-man simply gets on-stage starts talking his schtick and the audience was in the palm of his hands. We went along with the hilarious banter about the give- and-take of catching an Uber, his relationship status and living arrangements provided a glimpse into the inter-sanctum of Barker’s world and his love of our use of the word “shit’’ was brilliant. Barker delivers his routine with a boyish charm and plenty of wicked wit. His routine about spoilers for popular television shows had the audience on the edge of their seats – especially one audience member who was not up-to-date with her Game of Thrones viewing. The Orgnaic title came into the show through Barker’s eating habits and his partner trying to keep on the healthy “organic’’ path. His observational comedy was all too true. This show even rounded out with Barker trying out a new song on the audience titled Organic, which ended the night superbly.
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