Entertainment Hive 2020

Arrr We There Yet?! by Head First Acrobatics

Gluttony, The Flamingo until March 18

Review by Honey B

These scallywag pirates had the kids signing up to join their crew mere minutes into the adventure. The polished, extremely fit and funny performers from Head First Acrobatics kept the pace up, the action high and the comedy coming ensuring the youngsters in the audience were sitting on the edge of their seats. The kids and adults were more than happy to shout out and become involved in the antics, including a cute youngster who was not scared by a sleepy shark at all. There was plenty of slapstick fun as the three pirates fought over the role of captain and the roué cyr routine during the storm was a particular favourite and beautifully executed with a rocking soundtrack. My three youngsters enjoyed the freestanding ladder sequence, the mop dance and sword juggling. There’s nothing like sharing some high spirits on the high seas with the family.
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