Entertainment Hive 2020

Bernstein On Stage!

Presented by Adelaide Symphony Orchestra, conducted by John Mauceri

Review by Honey B

Leading the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra in its celebratory tribute to Leonard Bernstein was his collaborator and friend of 18 years, John Mauceri. In Bernstein’s 100 th  birthday year, Mauceri heralded Lenny’s Broadway scores and a few “in-between’’ works from Trouble in Tahiti to his theatre piece, Mass. An opening technical glitch, led the ever professional Mauceri to address the audience early and it was clear how much passion he has for these works. The journey through Lenny’s works were in chronological order and the audience thrilled to the full sound of the orchestra along with the 19 strong Adelaide Chamber Singers and four extremely talented soloists – soprano Lorina Gore, mezza-soprano Kim Criswell, tenor Luke Kennedy and bass-baritone Rodney Earl Clarke. The four performed together and apart in pure brilliance. Kennedy and Gore were riveting as West Side Story’s star-crossed lovers giving beautifully nuanced performances on Maria and Tonight. The ladies, Criswell and Gore, were an absolute joy as they sang up a storm on Wrong Note Ray from What A Wonderful Town and Criswell also shone on What a Movie! from Trouble in Tahiti. The beautiful bass-baritone stylings of Rodney Earl Clarke resonated on Simple Song from Mass. Luckily the technical magic worked the second time around for Mauceri as the final piece, Some Other Time, featured a recording of Bernstein on the piano and singing in his lower than low voice. It was a beautiful moment in town.
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