Entertainment Hive 2018


Maxim's Wine Bar, Norwood, until March 15

Review by Little Blue Wolf

Written by Fringe veteran Matt Byrne, Chunderbelly is a Fuxtel documentary on the lives of the Morons from Birkenhead – Australia’s most unwanted crime family. Judy Moron, the crime matriarch (widowed 38 times) is joined by her twin sons, Joey ‘Fat One’ Moron who passed high school on a bicycle and baby-faced selfie lover Snarl Moron along with her husband to be Slippery Moron for this chaotic comedy. Matt Byrne, Kim York, Brendan Cooney and Marc Clement excel at dozens of character changes which keep the audience in stitches. No one – especially the front row- is safe from their hilarious antics which include the hunt for Judy’s lucky 39 th  husband. Very well written and cleverly executed with bad puns, cringe-worthy jokes and the greatest (and probably only) llama impersonation is this year’s Fringe, this is not one to miss! Warning! The first row will get wet.   *Ponchos are provided
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