Entertainment Hive 2020

Cirque Alfonse: Barbu

Adelaide Fringe, Royal Croquet Club, Bonython Hall

Review by Honey B

Barbu harks back to the origins of circus in Montreal where bearded men would perform circus skills at fairs. Fast forward to the 2019 Adelaide Fringe and we see the hulking Cirque Alfonse male performers in casual jeans and shirts celebrating their circus roots along with two strong female artists and a rollicking band. All of the traditional circus skills are celebrated from juggling hats and silk handkerchiefs to the cyr wheel and a magical disappearing act. Opening with zippy roller- skating sequence it’s jaw- dropping to see these skills performed in such a small space. One of the girls is swung around the neck of a male performer in roller skates, which you wouldn’t want to get kicked by. This circus is really a little bit left of centre and is performed and it really starts to heat up once the blokes strip down to their speedos. The ping pong catching scene is great fun and little bit gross, the pole action is fun and who hasn’t tried to juggle a full keg! These performers are strong and versatile with a unique sense of artistry. The band keeps the pace up and the folk-infused sounds are divine – the atmospheric action is really a mix between circus and cabaret.
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