Entertainment Hive 2020

Cirque Alfonse: Tabarnak

Adelaide Fringe, Royal Croquet Club, Bonython Hall until March 17

Review by Honey B

Cirque Alfonse is a tight-knit performance troupe from a small town in Québec, Canada. The quirky troupe always has a unique performance point of view, as can be seen in its previous show Barbu. Tabarnak continues in the same vein as Barbu, but the performers have taken the whole circus experience to the next level. The troupe was already on-stage with a wide array of paraphernalia when the audience walked into the gorgeous venue of Bonython Hall. Tabarnak was inspired by the church services the performers went to while growing up and the ornate venue lends itself beautifully to this theme. A gorgeous stained-glass window is a beautiful focal point as the artists created a whimsical world. The roller-skating was breathtaking as they glided around on a small stage, there were acrobatics, rope and pole work, whip cracking and amazing feats of balancing as well as imaginative scenes of whirling dervishes and twirling water-filled ornate incense pots. The music was also a driving force of this show and added an integral layer to the performance. The audience was also treated to seeing the next generation of Cirque Alfonse as the young family members showed off their balancing skills at the end of the show. Bravo!
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