Entertainment Hive 2020

Club Swizzle

Adelaide Festival Centre, Space Theatre until December 31

Review by Honey B

In the Adelaide Festival Centre’s Space Theatre is a hip wooden bar where the champagne and cocktails are flowing this December. The atmosphere of the bar alone already looks like a grand night out, but then the atmosphere kicks up a notch as the bar is transformed into a working catwalk-like stage and patrons duck for cover as furniture whizzes by. The band rocks out and up steps the evening’s MC Reuben Kaye, who has already been swanning around the bar dressed in his finest and being the host with the most. The six-foot something Kaye bursts into song – a damn fine sultry version of Kiss’ I Was Made for Lovin’ You – before four handsome and highly skilled bar boys set the bar alight with some jaw-dropping acrobatics. The Club Swizzle Boys, Will Underwood, Ben Lewis, Joren Dawson and Simon McCure, were and are the backbone of this show. The foursome had some amazing bar techniques when it comes to making and pouring a drink – there was hardly any spillage! Frederique Cournoyer Lessard was also very fluid on the aerial hoop as she soared in the air just by the tips of her toes of fingers. Changing the pace and Shay Horay brought the funny by placing elastic band after elastic band over his face to distort it into weird shapes. The petit powerhouse, Laurie Hagan, was truly brilliant in her two pieces – one a beautifully choreographed reverse strip and the other a very, very funny depiction of a drunk girl trying to get undressed. Kaye was also on fire as our MC for this version of Club Swizzle. He has a whip-smart wit and his ponytail microphone was to die for. Club Swizzle is the perfect night out – don’t miss it.
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