Entertainment Hive 2020
Cult The Garden of Unearthly Delights, Umbrella Revolution until March 13 Review by Honey B Deliciously left-of-centre, Cult took wide-eyed audience members to wicked, hilarious and unexpected places. The killer show combined clips from cult movies, with live performances in a late-night, cabaret setting. Inspiration for the twisted show came from B-grade horror flicks, science fiction films, classic TV dramas, martial arts and action movies and some classic cabaret. Saturday night’s (13 February) show included nods to Pulp Fiction, Donnie Darko, the Die Hard franchise, Rocky Horror Picture Show and so many more cult classics. Acclaimed UK cabaret sensation Jonny Woo was the perfect choice for host as he dazzled in an array of bathing suits and heels and made sure the audience was in for an interactive night out. Performance spaces were dotted throughout the venue with artists popping up from all over to surprise the crowd. Woo performed his Liza Minnelli-inspired nod to Cabaret complete with audience member seated on a chair as he mimicked Minnelli’s classic moves. Audience members were taken back to 1990s eerie crime drama Twin Peaks where seemingly innocent teen Laura Palmer was found dead wrapped in plastic as a performer crawled across the floor shrouded in plastic to emerge and perform a deathly pole dance. The young twenty-something’s in front of us did have to ask what the performance referenced. Other stand-out performances included an Uma Thurman seductive and killer dance, a Baywatch scene, creepy Pennywise the Clown performance (from Stephen King’s It) and not even Bambi was safe from receiving the Cult treatment. This chaotic, immersive and ever-changing show is truly one for the fans of cult movies and shows and the artists truly revel in surprising audience members. Cult is rated R and patrons must be 18+. There is an open bar and plenty of queer and wicked fun. Don’t miss it.
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