Entertainment Hive 2020

Eddie Perfect: Songs From The Middle

Adelaide Cabaret Festival, Saturday, June 20

Review by Honey B

While Eddie Perfect may have wanted to get out of Mentone as a young man, he's certainly painted a vivid image of the Port Phillip Bay suburb that may well boost tourism to the "Riviera of the South''. This song-cycle, inspired by Perfect's childhood in the quiet area, is tight and poignant - it's a work from the heart. Perfect has long been known for his sharp observations , biting wit and satire. But this show is different. It's a bittersweet, eye- opening journey full of lush orchestral songs be they about first time awkward and unrequited love, graffiti vandalism on trains and a restless heart that wanted to escape. The songs were beautifully arranged by Iain Grandage and the Australian National Academy of Music players were a tight ensemble. Highlights included Frankston Line with a driving train rhythm, the changing face of business in Mentone in the sadly ironic My Sister Worked at Bunnings and the unrequited love in Plummer Road. There was also a place in the show for Perfect's crowd favourite tune, I Wanna Go Home, which is a classic tale of love gone wrong in the Ikea furniture store. The only downfall of this show is that it felt like Perfect was just scratching the surface of Mentone and his life - maybe the show could be expanded in the future and go a bit deeper. This is a brilliant new work - we need more like Perfect.
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