Entertainment Hive 2020

Elixir featuring Head First Acrobats

Gluttony, Adelaide Fringe

Review by Honey B

Who knew scientists could be so sexy! This engaging, fun and theatrical show is just the right potion. It has a great mix of acrobatics and slapstick entertainment as well as a good dose of audience interaction. The story follows three disarming and flexible scientists as they work in the laboratory concocting and trialling different experiments. The trio are searching for the elixir of life, but unfortunately create a zombie apocalypse instead. A female voiceover gives the super geeks instructions in regards to drinking the colourful liquids in test tubes. As each scientist trials the potions they get a kick of superhuman strength and dexterity – or almost all of them! The three talented performers are very impressive as one takes to the cyr wheel in an awesome display and another showman balances precariously on a ladder and there are plenty of fun moments with some thrilling dancing and great one-liners. Head First Acrobats from Melbourne are a must-see with a sexy, fun approach, awesome skills and a nice storyline. Kudos boys!
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