Entertainment Hive 2020

Gazillion Bubble Show

Adelaide Festival Theatre, July 14 to 17

Review by Honey B

Gazillions of little round soapy spheres are the air-filled stars of this bubble-tastic show. Melody Yang is the human who manipulates these balls of joy and she does a lovely job. Yang comes from bubble royalty with her father Fan the creator of this fun show and her mum, Ana, and brother, Deni, also perform these shows around the world. The audience was treated to some background including showing a four- year old Melody first performing bubble magic as well as showcasing two of their spectacular bubble Guinness World record attempts – which they hold for the longest bubble and the most people in a bubble. The show started off slowly with small bubble manipulations – there were small bubbles, big bubbles, bubbles-within-bubbles, smoke bubbles, rainbow bubbles, ice-cream bubbles creations. Every sort of bubble anyone could imagine. Yang invited some youngsters on-stage and they were placed inside a giant bubble. The performance really took off when the bubbles started the flow and the laser show started. The lasers induced a roomful of “oohs’’ and “ahhs’’ from the audience and had the children on their feet as they tried to touch the colourful light beams from the lasers and later pop the millions and millions to gazillions of bubbles. This is a show that bubbles along quite beautifully and inspired the little ones with plenty of awe and excitement.
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