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Windmill Theatre’s Girl Asleep reawakens

Review by Honey B

Greta Driscoll is 14 going on 15 and is filled with all the angst this time in life brings. This dark fairy tale Windmill Theatre production has been reawakened for a new viewing audience and it’s a joy to see it come alive on-stage in all its 1970s purple haze glory. Greta, played perfectly by Ellen Steele, has been going through a tough time after bullying sees her move to a new school and trying to find her place. She is befriended by Elliott (Antoine Jelk) a nerdy, gawky boy who likes to use the word “awesome’’. With her 15 th  birthday coming up fast, Greta’s parents (Amber McMahon and Matthew Whittet) persuade her to let them organise a huge party, which is not what she wants. Her older sister Jade (Sheridan Harbridge) loves paying out her little sister and laughs at the feisty wallflower who doesn’t want to grow up yet. As an array of partygoers arrive, Greta ends up spiralling out of control and lands in a fantasy world full of interesting creatures leading her on a formative journey. This play is targeted squarely at teenagers, so it was with great interest that I bought my almost 12 year old daughter along to see this transformative play written by Matthew Whittet. While aiming for an audience a few years older, Scarlett could relate to the themes of bullying, friendship groups and the pressures of other teens while remaining true to yourself. It was certainly a good play to open more lines of communication as children seem to be growing up quite quickly these days. There were a few scary bits in the play, but there were also plenty of hilarious scenes including the 1970 dance floor boogie and there were plenty of heart- warming moments between Greta and Elliott. This is a beautiful, vibrant and joyous play allows children to dream as long as they want and adults to go back in time. Girl Asleep, Adelaide Festival Centre, Space Theatre until September 21. Bookings BASS: 131 246
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