Entertainment Hive 2020

Heath Franklin’s Chopper – The Line-Up

The Garden of Unearthly Delights, Magic Mirror Spiegeltent

Wednesday, February 22

Review by Honey B

There is nothing better to get over a mid-week rut than seeing the politically incorrect, but oh so funny, Chopper. This year, Chopper had a one-off gig in the Garden with his own comedy line-up including Ivan Aristeguieta, Sammy J and Eddie Ifft. And what a one-night only show this was. The only downside to it was that Chopper and his comedy threesome couldn’t get into the spa and go on all night. Chopper (aka Heath Franklin) started the proceedings with the most brilliant, enlightening talk about Donald Trump and throughout the night he went on to talk about sex robots and the type of show he would like to do next year – bring it on! Each of his fellow comedians took the challenge to push comedy to its limits – just as Chopper does and it made for one helluva night with plenty of raucous swearing. Ivan Aristeguieta is a true comedy find and the South American taught the audience the best way to eat mangoes and how he had to learn to speak Aussie – not English. Fuck yeah. Next up was Sammy J, who is more nerdy and could have been in danger of losing the Chopper-centric crowd. But to J’s credit he won the audience over with two hilarious and intelligent songs which he belted out at the keyboard. Hero Complex detailed the difficulties of getting out of a sports discussion while See You in 17 Years lamented the way life changes once you have kids – it’s no more parties and all about Peppa Pig. US comedian Eddie Ifft was last on the bill and he never disappoints. It would be good to see Ifft and Chopper do a double comedy routine – both performer know how to be hilariously crude but very insightful. Ifft had plenty to say about being married, having a young child and religion – all in his blunt, no nonsense style. It was a shame this night had to come to an end and here’s hoping Chopper will get his own spa show next year. For now, comedy lovers can see Ivan Aristeguieta, Sammy J and Edde Ifft in their own solo shows at The Garden of Unearthly Delights.
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