Entertainment Hive 2020

Hot Brown Honey

OzAsia Festival, Space Theatre until Saturday, September 30

Review by Honey B

There’s a political sting in the tail of these fierce, funny and provocative female performers who make up Hot Brown Honey. These feisty ladies were all about smashing stereotypes and with MC and DJ Busty Beatz standing atop a giant pulsating beehive no-one was going to mess with these empowered women. The show was written and performed by women of colour and the individual pieces made everyone in the audience think, while also putting on an incredibly infectious and powerful show about universal love and respect. Highlights included one Honey breaking free from the Australian flag, another performing as a golliwog to It’s A Man’s World and one acting like a drunken Aussie fool on holiday while performing a brilliant hoola hoop routine. Lisa Fa’alafi was particularly inventive as she stripped away the westerner ideals of Polynesian women in a reverse striptease. In the end she had made her whole outfit from shrubbery including sunglasses to look like a leafy green Lady Gaga. The most poignant was aerial performer Crystal Stacey who performed a beautiful, heart-wrenching routine of a woman subjected to domestic violence. These amazingly talented women do not have one story to tell, they have many varied stories which need to be heard. They make politics look easy and groovalicious!
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