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Johnny English Strikes Again

Review by Honey B

Director: David Kerr Cast: Rowan Atkinson, Emma Thompson, Ben Miller, Jake Lacy, Olga Kurylenko Plot: After a cyber-attack reveals the identity of all of Britain’s active undercover agents, Johnny English (Rowan Atkinson) must come out of retirement to uncover the identity of the cyber criminal. Verdict: Rowan Atkinson has brought Britain’s most inept secret agent, Johnny English, back into service and it’s about time. It’s been seven years since the second instalment, Johnny English Reborn, and it’s a delight to see Atkinson back at his balanced comedy best. This third film cleverly pitches a cyber genius against the refreshingly old school leanings of English. The former spy has not kept up on technology and couldn’t care less about mobile phones or the digital world – he’s been too busy in his job as a geography teacher and scouting for future British spies. While English may not have kept up on technology, he does like a gadget or two. There are the classic Jelly babies that explode when you eat them, clunky magnetic boots and a strength- enhancing exo-skeleton. Emma Thompson plays a wonderfully frazzled and inept British Prime Minster who is struggling to keep it together. Back for the spy comedy is Ben Miller as English’s loyal, right-hand man, Bough, who puts up with all of the lunacy. Miller is superb as Atkinson’s straight-man. Rounding out the cast is Jack Lacy as billionaire and cyber expert Jason and Olga Kurylenko who plays femme fatale Russian spy Ophelia, who may or may not be working for the enemy. Atkinson is in fine form as he manically cuts up the dance floor in an impeccable white suit and he’s hilariously on target as he wanders through the streets of London in a virtual reality helmet mistaking everyday bystanders for villains. This flick is Atkinson’s show and it’s a slapstick fest the whole way through. If you like Mr Bean you will love Mr English.
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