Entertainment Hive 2018

Justin Hamilton in Snacks!

Adelaide Fringe, Garden of Unearthly Delights, Campanile, until March 15

Review by Honey B

Justin Hamilton has made another triumphant return to his hometown of Adelaide. The former Croydon resident gave Adelaideans plenty to snack on in his latest show which featured plenty of memories of his old stomping ground. The intelligent comedian always has a point to make be it about growing older, the rise of the nerds - which included Hamilton himself - or the pure joy of watching a child enjoy a classic comic movie. This was a high-energy show full of good times with many relatable topics - for the oldies and the younger audience members alike. Ever the charmer, Hamilton greeted all audience members at the door to the Campanile and stopped to have chats with many. He did the same at the end of the show and really why stop there - I'm sure many of Hamilton's comedy fans would have enjoyed having a beer or two with him at the London Tavern. The beers might cost a bit more than 10 cents now though!  
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