Entertainment Hive 2020

KAGE: Out of Earshot

Adelaide Cabaret Fesival, Dunstan Playhouse, June 14 to 15

Review by Honey B

Bodies collide to a heartbeat rhythm in this passionate new dance piece by KAGE. This work has deaf and hearing impaired audiences upper-most in mind with sound showcased through a pulsating drum beat which is featured on screens bordering the stage. The dancers tap out rhythms on each other’s bodies and they entwine themselves around each other as they try to feel their partners’ rhythmic pulse. In the centre of the stage is drummer Myele Manzanza as he plays with different beats and the dancers, Elle Evangelista, Gerard Van Dyke, Timothy Ohl and profoundly deaf dancer Anna Seymour, wheel him around the stage on his moving drum podium. At times, the best moments of this piece are the silences created by director Kate Denborough. We’re all drawn to the rhythm within – mesmerising.
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