Entertainment Hive 2020

Love Letters to the Public Transport System

Holden Street Theatres, until March 1

Review by Honey B

Still basking in love’s sweet glow, Molly Taylor decided to write letters of thanks to the train and bus drivers who helped deliver her into her new lover’s arms. The endearing Liverpudlian sits on an old bus seat as she recounts the ways lives can be altered by catching a different bus or by missing your usual train and taking a new route home. Her own personal tale is interwoven between the stories of many others who have had their personal lives changed thanks to these drivers. Taylor writes letters to all of the major transport companies in a bid to thank the individual transport workers personally – which turns out to be no easy task. Her beautifully crafted show celebrates the highs and lows of her search and her love-life in a captivating 60-minute performance. Taylor is effervescent, wistful and at times sad as she spins her transportation tales and personal meetings with several bus drivers along the way. Her gratitude is inspiring. The ever-charming Taylor takes the audience on a wonderful journey with her – hop on-board!
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