Entertainment Hive 2020

Lovecraft (Not The Sex Shop in Cardiff) starring Carys Eleri

Howling Owl, Vaughn Place, until March 2

Review by Honey B

Comedian Carys Eleri is into the science of love. While the intelligent and hilarious comedian says it’s all about the brain, her cabaret/comedy show certainly has a lot of heart. Greeted by Eleri at the venue’s door with a big hug for every audience member, it was a lovely oxytocin boost for the start of the show – and feeling a bit under the weather I certainly needed that boost. The friendly and sociable Eleri took us on an entertaining love lecture including animated slides, personal stories, musical numbers, cwtching (hugging) and a little bit of chocolate which always makes people happy. Scientific facts were woven beautifully throughout the show as Eleri details how she realised she was lonely – even though she was surrounded by people. The journey was enlightening, emotional and engaging. Love comes in all forms and we were all certainly “brained’’ by Eleri.
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