Entertainment Hive 2018

Max & Ivan - The End

Adelaide Fringe, Garden of Unearthly Delights, Le Cascadeur, until March 15

Review by Honey B

The end is nigh for the residents of Sudley-on-Sea, but not before an hour of mayhem thanks to sketch comedy artists Max Olesker and Ivan Gonzalez. The hilarious duo take audience members on a wild rollercoaster ride as we meet the highly quirky residents of the island community. Everything is pretty boring in this backwater community until the badly built nuclear power station goes into meltdown. To escape the town the residents must make it over the one rickety bridge out of town. The highly lauded Max & Ivan take us on a whirlwind meet and greet of the townsfolk as they switch their accents, expressions, mannerisms as they bring to life a cacophony of characters. The script is tight and well-written and there's certainly a serious side underpinning the hilarity of the show. Max and Ivan are certainly two highly-skilled sketch comedy artists with brilliant timing - their ever so slight mistakes make the show even more fun to watch. The front row became part of the show at several points and one lovely young lady, Roxanne, became the third performer in a few poignant and fun scenes - brilliant job. Make sure to visit Sudley-on-Sea before it totally melts down.  
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