Entertainment Hive 2019

Miss Revolutionary Idol Berserker

OzAsia Festival, Adelaide Festival Centre, Rehearsal Room until October 3

Berserker is the word that sums up this show - simply, utterly and totally berserker. This isn't your ordinary show, these aren't your ordinary performers and in the end the audience members bond over the colourful chaos that is this wildly Berserker world. One thing that really hits is that this show is transformative. It's transformative as the curious, yet slightly nervous, audience members make their way down into the bowels of the Festival Centre and are handed a bag with disposable purple plastic thongs, a clear plastic raincoat and we were then told to put everything else into the remaining plastic bag to be stored safely away. There was now no denying that we were all going to get wet and the trepidation set in again. Those who brought in their mobile phones were encouraged to use them and take as many photos and as much video as they pleased. Then bang, we were off as performers burst onto the stage from all directions, around 25 to 30 of them in an amazing array of brightly coloured outfits as they belted out a frenetic, completely wild (or Berserker) Hi Ho from Snow White. Performers in this show don't stay on the stage, they got amongst us sliding between the aisles, hi-fiving and tapping people on their heads and shoulders and warming us up. It felt like utter chaos with three massive screens full of words and images set around the stage, the hyper-pop music set to extremely loud, a ridiculous amount of costume changes and then the buckets of water started flying. There was no dry seat in the house and a bit of seaweed and, I believe tofu, was thrown just for good measure while big squares of confetti rained down and stuck to our raincoats and any exposed areas of skin. This may all sound like a random mish-mash of weirdness but director and company founder Toco Nikaido had carefully planned every move and every nuance of this intricate, mind-blowing show. Each and every move is made for a reason, you don't see the quick costume changes. Your attention is exactly where Nikaido wants it to be. Well before the end of the show the audience had bonded as one and by the time we are all invited onto the stage we look like the performers covered in our bright confetti and the madness and energy had transferred to us. As we now reluctantly shuffled out, it was sad to go and leave the crazy and transformative world behind already. But, it wasn't for long as our joyful Japanese performers weren't ready to send us off without a bit more fanfare and as we ascended the stairs back to the Dunstan Theatre foyer they were there in two rows to cheer us on our way and there were certainly some hugs, a few more hi-fives and photos. It certainly was an extraordinary experience that can bond an audience and the performers and one that crashes through the boundaries and leaves you wanting to dance through the streets. While I'm still digesting what happened in the performance - I'd love to do it all over again. Miss Revolutionary Idol Berserker was and is addictive, exhilarating and totally, completely and utterly Berserker. Do not miss this show. Go Berserker!
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