Entertainment Hive 2020

Penny Arcade in Longing Lasts Longer

Royal Croquet Club, Ukiyo, until March 14

Review by Honey B

Penny Arcade was bouncing around in the middle of the Ukiyo theatre space as audience members filed in. She was already gearing up for a searing performance which would challenge many people’s thinking on a range of confronting topics. While Arcade cheekily said she didn’t “feel like working’’ she certainly worked hard as she told us the world was in a horrific state. With a microphone in her hand and musical punctuation to bring home each salient point she railed against the blandness of Snow White and admitted to liking or identifying with the Evil Queen more. She lamented that her home city, New York, was in a diabetic coma with cup cake shops opening up on every corner and as she stated “mediocrity’’ was the new black. Arcade warns us that we believe the marketing that has been spoon-fed to us by those in power. We do not think for ourselves. The flame-haired thinker, who 22 years ago came to the Adelaide Festival in Bitch! Dyke! FagHag! Whore! Which looked at sexual hang-ups and societies diversity and embracing these diversities has never stopped thinking for herself. She knows there are more out there like herself – hopefully the whole audience at her show and she wants people not to be silenced. Arcade advocates for a society to challenge, question and protest and to like herself – always look forward and not backwards. Arcade’s performance was dramatic, comedic and sassy. She says things like they are – there was plenty to learn in this show that can’t be pigeon-holed or boxed, much like Ms Arcade. Rise up from the influence of advertising.
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