Entertainment Hive 2020


Gluttony, Speakeasy until February 28

Review by Honey B

On entering the Speakeasy at Gluttony audience members were greeted by “Paddy the Plank’’ (Patrick McCallagh) – an illegal booze peddler. It’s the American Prohibition era where alcohol was banned but that didn’t stop the consumption of it in tea cups and underground, shady venues. The talented performers in this piece set the scene deliciously as “Silverpipes Sid’’ (Sidonie Henbest) belts out some classic tunes and private detective Dirk Darrow (Tim Motley) tries to shutdown the illegal activities at the Speakeasy. Motley and McCallagh kept the theme running throughout the show as Motley brings to life his droll detective banter and McCallagh played the devilish Irishman. Motley’s 52 card story routine was superbly executed and he even swallowed razor blades in another stylised showcase. Caz Walsh was a true standout with some fantastic balancing routines and the hunchback clown (Daniel Warr) became quite personal with the audience and received some hearty laughs along the way. Get into the spirit at this wonderfully-themed show.
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