Entertainment Hive 2020

Rudi’s The Rinse Cycle featuring Hew Parham

Adelaide Cabaret Festival, June 11-13

Review by Honey B

Rudi’s The Rinse Cycle had moments of pure brilliance as the naive clown held the audience in the palm of his hand. But then those moments slipped away as the performance rambled on with several audience members checking the time on their watches and stifling yawns. Hew Parham’s Rudi is a local favourite and in his latest show this sweet clown tried to introduce the audience to vaudeville and cabaret – as a voice-over (Sarah Dunn) tried to school the clown in these disciplines as well. Rudi was confused with language – between the words Weill and Vile which provided some funny lyrical moments. His social commentary in song highlighting the similarities between political leaders Bill Shorten and Malcolm Turnball really hit the mark – “When you say vanilla, I say vanilla. Let’s call the whole thing off.’’. Rudi’s Australian content section was also extremely funny and was a highlight of the show. Parham was evocative to watch, it’s just a pity that the narrative was a bit flat and rambling.
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