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Shaun The Sheep Movie

Review by Honey B

Director: Mark Burton & Richard Starzak Vocal Cast: Justin Fletcher, John Sparkes, Richard Webber, Kate Harbour, Emma Tate Plot: When Shaun's mischief inadvertently leads to the Farmer being taken away from the farm, Shaun, Bitzer and the flock have to go into the big city to rescue him, setting the stage for an epic adventure. Verdict: Shaun the Sheep is off to the big city for his wild and woolly big screen debut and it's a sheer delight. The film stays true to the highly popular ABC series and while it is smart, witty and very British - it is also completely wordless. The beauty of the Aardman stop animation style is that it is simple but the details are painstakingly intricate. There's nothing like seeing the Aardman animator's fingerprints on the clay creatures. When we see our favourite sheep, Bitzer the dog, the rooster, goat, bull, pigs and Farmer at Mossy Bottom Farm, everyone is in a bit of a rut. A clever idea is never far away and Shaun sets one in motion - without the Farmer or Bitzer's knowledge. The sheep want a day off from the daily routine. Their rouse to put the Farmer to sleep is pure brilliance but it all goes awry when the caravan they put the Farmer in rolls away - all the way to the big city. It's not long before all of the animals are searching for the Farmer, who they desperately miss. In his riotous ride the Farmer gets a nasty bump to the head and suffers amnesia. There's plenty of wonderful wackiness including the sheep dressing as people and then being exposed in a posh restaurant, Bitzer sneaking into the hospital, a Hannibal Lectre-like cat and a heartwarming baa baa shop sing-along. This film has so many funny scenes and there's no doubt that on second and third views more witty subtleties will come to light. There's plenty for all ages to enjoy in this movie so flock to it!
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