Entertainment Hive 2020


Adelaide Entertainment Centre Theatre until June 10

Review by Honey B

Stomp is a highly energetic, percussive show that includes everything and the kitchen sink. The internationally acclaimed production features enthusiastic performers who create music with a range of everyday objects. There is hardly any dialogue throughout the show and the eight performers rely on their physicality, distinctive characters and comic timing. The choreography is superb as the performers utilise everything from garbage bins to shopping trolleys, brooms, pots, cups, plastic bags, lighters, basketballs and more to create music and movement. The pace is frenetic and there is a lot of audience engagement with wonderful interactions through clapping, stomping and competing with the performers. The set has an industrial feel and the performers are dressed in work gear including overalls and ripped T-shirts as they use the most of their space and they climb scaffolding to play metal and plastic bits and pieces hooked up all over the stage. There are so many brilliant pieces of theatre that it is hard to narrow it down to a few highlights as the whole show is a reel of highlights. Absolute standout moments during the show include the illuminating lighter piece, the boys with their rubber gloves and water-filled kitchen sinks was thoroughly entertaining and the somewhat quiet newspaper reading scene was very funny. The creativity, musicality and pure joy of this basically wordless family show is a noisy treat. Music can be found anywhere.
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