Entertainment Hive 2018

Strange Bedfellows in Under The Covers

Adelaide Cabaret Festival, Artspace, Friday, June 5

Review by Honey B

Sliding under the covers with the deliciously devilish pair of operatic singers Jacqui Dark and Kanen Breen isn't for the faint-hearted. The two-some push the boundaries of Weimer-inspired cabaret with a confrontational show which will test audience members moralistic limits. Their rendition of Dresden Dolls' Slide was utterly chilling and the pair were relieved and happy to see that the Adelaide audience was still there after the haunting tune saying: "We often lose a few people after that song.'' The duo's sexual fetishes rock opera really wasn't palatable and while it might not have been for everyone Dark and Breen's vocals, energy and pure stage presence make it hard to fault them. A stand-out was their Divinyls mash-up of Boys In Town and Pleasure and Pain - truly superb. There were heartfelt moments including Dark's desire for children and her painful journey navigating IVF. It was such an honest, real piece of song writing that defies people not to be moved by it. It was also hard not to be moved by Breen's version of Nina Simone's Is That All There Is? as he recounts his personal coming out story. Breen and Dark's original compositions and personal stories really make this show stand-out. There were some opening night lighting issue, but the diabolic duo took it all in their stride. This pair of award-winning opera singers certainly break all the rules and are jaw-droppingly, heart- wrenchingly and wickedly entertaining - they have the ideas and the commanding stage presence to make it anywhere.
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