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OzAsia Festival, Dunstan Playhouse Review by Honey B Sutra is an east-meets-west jaw-dropping masterpiece. Award winning Belgian choreographer Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui returns to the OzAsia Festival to celebrate the 10 year anniversary of this breathtaking production which has played in more than 33 countries worldwide. Cherkaoui brings together monks from the Buddhist Shaolin Temple, as he sits to the right of stage with a young monk like the puppet-master of it all. His 10-year old protégé and Cherkaoui play with the miniature boxes like a game of Tetris as the full-size boxes on stage reveal the monks inside. The piece unfurls like a thread as the gestures Cherkaoui makes controls the monks and the positioning of the human-size boxes. This is an astonishing show as the monks show their dexterity and phenomenal skills in a mix of tai chi and dance. While these plain wooden boxes morph into amazing designs from a blossoming lotus to a maze or an impenetrable wall with a border guard or a city tower full of people and perhaps even coffins. The imagery is personal and transfixing. The score by Szymon Brzoska is beautiful and moving. It’s an extraordinary, hypnotic journey not to be missed.
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