Entertainment Hive 2020

Techno Circus


OzAsia Festival, Adelaide Festival Centre, Dunstan Playhouse until October 20

Review by Honey B

What a colourful, vibrant, zany and technically superb show. Techno Circus was a perfect family show which had the whole audience rocking along to the catchy tracks, cheering and engaging with the four superb Japanese artists. The production featured light animation, puppetry, mime, dance, laser effects, techno music and 3D projection to wow young and old. Imagery was projected onto the stage and onto different objects that the quirky quartet interacted with in inspirational, funny and moving ways. The talented foursome have amazed audiences of all over the world with their Golden Buzzer winning act from America’s Got Talent and they have garnered millions of views on YouTube and toured the world to rave reviews. The lovable larrikins lured the audience in from the start as they invited audience members on- stage for a photo which was used in the show to great effect later. My eight year old loved watching out for his photograph to appear in a photo montage and it was definitely a wonderful highlight for many show-goers. Other highlights included the creation of movie scenes including Jaws, Star Wars and Frozen as well as a Super Mario scene and Tetris out of the box sequence. The precision of the performers/dancers, the heart and humour put this rhythmic and visually impressive show in the must-see category.
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