Entertainment Hive 2020

The 78-Storey Treehouse

Adelaide Festival Centre, Space Theatre until Saturday, 5 May

Review by Honey B

In our house the “Treehouse’’ series written by Andy Griffiths and illustrated by Terry Denton are much-loved favourites. The 78-Storey Treehouse is the sixth novel in the series and it features Mr Big Shot from Hollywood who has come to film a blockbuster movie with Treehouse-makers Andy and Terry. There are friendship dramas as Mr Big Shot replaces Andy in the movie with a gibbon named Mel Gibbon and there are some sneaky spy cows staying one hoof ahead of the action. Through Richard Tulloch’s colourful and crazy stage-adaptation this wild world is brought to life in such a delightful way. The sets were larger-than-life and very innovative as they were quickly flipped around to reveal yet another layer to the treehouse. The artwork on the sets was creative. Just like the books the story was zany, hilarious and highly imaginative and kept the children on the edges of their seats – even though most of the youngsters would have already read the books. The energetic actors were superb as they catapulted through new areas including the Scribbletorium, high- security potato chip storage facility and a combining machine. My 10 year old loved the slow-mo space fight scene and also the fun of Andyland. There’s nothing like reading a book and then seeing it brought to life in such a madcap and joyous way. Bring on the next 13 storeys!
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