Entertainment Hive 2019

The Adelaide Comedy Gala

Adelaide Fringe, Royalty Theatre, Angas Street, February 12 & 13

Review by Honey B

The Adelaide Comedy Gala was a perfect way to kick off the 2016 Fringe season and also support The Captain Courageous Foundation. Audiences were treated to a huge range of international and local performers from the environmentally conscious Arj Barker to the ABC’s Dirty Laundry host Lawrence Mooney. The hilarious night was hosted by the ever funny Merrick Watts who does not have a show at this year’s Fringe. To see him work the room was a delight as he played up to his local Adelaide ties and reminisced about the dangers of playgrounds in the 80s. Watts’ gastro story had the audience doubled over in stitches. The one low-light of the show was comedian Brendan Burns who comes to the Adelaide Fringe for the first time this year. Burns has a fostered a successful international comedy career but his highly offensive routine and inappropriate material brought shocked silence from the opening night crowd before audience members started to call for him to leave the stage. Let’s hope Burns had a momentary lapse of reason. There were many more highlights to the fun night out including top mentions for Melbournian Simon Taylor who had hilarious insights on the Melbourne Cup, Tom Gleeson played on our love of food and eating out while local funnyman Mickey D told plenty of zinger Adelaide jokes. The international performers all gave high calibre performances with Arj Barker joking about the “Prime Minister of the week’’, Eddie Ifft loved that Australian audience “get’’ his comedy and the punters loved him right back and Gordon Southern had everyone laughing and learning. The night flew by too quickly but the list of comedians whose full shows people should go and see grew considerably. Top marks for a gut-busting night out.
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