Entertainment Hive 2020

The 5th Wave

Review by Honey B

Director: J Blakeson Cast: Chloe Grace Moretz, Liev Schreiber, Zackary Arthur, Nick Robinson, Ron Livingston, Maria Bello, Alex Roe Plot: Four waves of increasingly deadly attacks have left most of the Earth decimated. Against a backdrop of fear and distrust, Cassie is on the run, desperately trying to save her younger brother. As she prepares for the inevitable and lethal 5th wave, Cassie teams up with a young man who may become her final hope - if she can trust him. Verdict: The 5th Wave is riding the crest of a wave - one that follows the likes of Twilight, The Hunger Games, Divergent and The Maze Runner. All of these films are striving for the attention teens and young adults and most of these flicks have humanity precariously balancing on a knife-edge. Rick Yancey's hugely popular 2013 novel certainly captured reader attention and Yancey has another two novels in this trilogy - The Infinite Sea and The Last Star which will be published later in 2016. It's a film studio's potential goldmine - a teen apocalyptic alien trilogy. Chloe Grace Moretz plays Ohio teenager Cassie Sullivan who is your average young girl who is into boys and parties. But when a gigantic alien space craft comes to Earth and hovers almost above her house, life is changed forever. The film condenses the first four ravaging waves of disaster within the opening 40 minutes of the flick. First there is an electromagnetic pulse which takes out the world's power, then floods, tsunamis and earthquakes followed by a virus that wipes out most of the remaining population and for those who are immune the alien "Others'' control selected humans to hunt down and kill the rest. It's a dark little tale and Cassie must quickly adapt to survive and to protect her younger brother Sam (Zackary Arthur). After escaping to the woods Cassie and her family find a refugee camp but disaster is always close at hand and gung-ho military commander Vosch (Liev Schrieber) orders the children to be sent to an air force base. In a twist of events, Cassie is separated from her little brother and left behind to fend for herself, while her brother - who has been nicknamed Nugget - learns how to fight the aliens in this mini-army. Meanwhile Cassie has to avoid snipers and is saved by her new love interest - mysterious farm boy Evan Walker (Alex Roe). Roe has some truly laughable lines in this movie and this section falls a bit flat. There's certainly the feeling that this initial movie is setting up for more flicks to come, but this bogs it down. The film is certainly at its best when the action is happening and the CGI is very well done. There is also a nice twist that viewers who haven't read the book might not see coming. Moretz makes a solid stand in this flick and hopefully in the next film a few more of the other characters will be fleshed out. The 5th Wave makes a good start, hopefully the next movie builds on this.
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