Entertainment Hive 2019

The Orchid and The Crow

Holden Street Theatres, The Studio until Sunday, March 13

Review by Honey B

Daniel Tobias has created a powerful, moving solo performance piece around a very personal journey. Aged 29 the Melbournian was diagnosed with stage four testicular cancer, which had also spread up through his lymph nodes. This was not very good at all. Tobias is a survivor – otherwise we wouldn’t be watching this show – and thank goodness he did survive because he tackles issues not many would. The show reflects on Daniel’s life from his parents’ love story to his circumcision at eight days old and through to his lifestyle choices as a single artist and  Jew who is actually an atheist who celebrates Christmas and eats bacon. No wonder he was in trouble with a vengeful God! Tobias, who was one half of comedy duo Die Roten Punkte, mocked religion throughout the show and detailed to the audience how he drew strength from cyclist and testicular cancer survivor Lance Armstrong – this was before Armstrong’s fall from grace. The tongue-in-cheek Tobias enthralled the audience through his mix of comedy and storytelling, energetic rock ‘n’ roll numbers (I particularly liked the Girls Like tune) and heartbreaking honesty. This show did not hold an ounce of self-pity, it was always witty and explored many issues with true humour and a bit of mockery. There were certainly some poignant moments as Tobias detailed his hospital chemo visits. While Tobias may only have one ball – this show certainly has balls aplenty. Don’t miss The Orchid and The Crow – it’s a surprise hit.
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