Entertainment Hive 2020

The Play That Goes Wrong

Her Majesty’s Theatre until April 2

Review by Honey B

Cornley Polytechnic Drama Society’s Chris Bean stepped onto the stage to tell the audience that this play “should truly bring the house down’’. No truer words have ever been spoken as the actors go on to do just that. But before the performance on-stage had even started, some cast members were looking throughout the audience members for a lost dog and a box set of Duran Duran CDs – so it pays to get into the theatre early and enjoy the pre- show mayhem. Then it was onto the grand opening speech by Bean (Nick Simpson-Deeks) as he set the atmosphere for the 1920s murder mystery The Murder At Haversham Manor. Of course everything is far from alright on the night for this hapless amateur theatre company. The Play That Goes Wrong is like a mash-up of Fawlty Towers and Noises Off and there is plenty of havoc, staging mishaps, wrong lines, falling props and unimaginable perils as the show goes on. This play is beautifully structured and the audience was in absolute hysterics well before the final act. The momentum just built and built as anything that could go wrong did. The joy of this play was seeing these accomplished actors – Brooke Satchwell, Nick Simpson-Deeks, James Marlowe and Luke Joslin – deftly hit every mark to make the mayhem so believable. They are at the top of their game and it’s a very physical play to perform. The actors cross a number of different comedy lines from slapstick to physical and prop. This play was so brilliantly done that it would be very easy to go back again and hear the bits I missed while we were all laughing! Don’t miss this show and take the family – it’s hilarious. (Show reviewed out of 5 stars)
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