Entertainment Hive 2020

The Three Mikados

Adelaide Cabaret Festival, June 11 to 12

Review by Honey B

Gilbert & Sullivan’s The Mikado has never been seen on-stage quite like this before. The zany brainchild of funnymen Colin Lane (Lano & Woodley) and David Collins (the hairy Umbilical Brother) is a fast-paced, physically hilarious romp full of riotous laughs. Lane and Collins came up with their version on The Mikado while actually working on a more classic version on the show. The lads have added New York comedian Amy G to the mix and she is a perfect foil to the boys’ bickering, taunts and silly behaviour. Musical director John Thorn also gets drawn into the comedy as the three performers take on the bulk of the characters all in 70 minutes – or a little bit longer. During the hilarity there were beautiful harmonies, plenty of slapstick comedy, in-jokes and funny Adelaide- centric observations. The three switch in and out of character as Lane takes over the production dubbing it “My-kado’’. Collins was superb during his solo for I’ve Got a Little List and the three were on-song throughout Three Little Maids From School Are We. My 12 year old came to this performance and it was his first introduction to G&S and I couldn’t think of a better way for him to start his G&S journey than with the mayhem and laughs created by Lane, Collins and G. Fan-bloody-tastic, don’t miss The Three Mikados.

Photo by James Penlidis

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