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The Tiger Who Came To Tea

Her Majesty's Theatre, January 22 to 24

Review by Honey B

A constantly ringing doorbell, a tiger and a mountain of food made for one delicious theatre experience with the kids. This visually beautiful adaptation of British writer Judith Kerr's 1968 children's classic story was a smash-hit on London's West End and it's sure to be a hit here too. The doorbell rings just as Sophie (Abbey Norman) and her mum (Jenanne Redman) are sitting down to tea. Who could it possibly be? What they certainly don't expect to see is a big stripy tiger (Benjamin Wells). Director David Wood has created a visual feast which remains strikingly true to Kerr's vivid illustrations. Wood's musical theatre version of the much- loved classic features new catchy songs to sing and a bit of dancing, plenty of good laughs and chaos as well as some quite clever illusions - just how does that tiger eat so much? A nice back story was added to the tale and the show doesn't just have a tiger coming to visit but many others too including the milkman and postman - all of the youngsters were on the edge of their seats waiting for the playful furball to arrive. Of course, the tiger was the star attraction of the show and while the bright orange, giant cat might have eaten everything in sight he was certainly quite polite. The tiger wasn't scary at all and brought just the right mix of energy and mayhem. The 10, eight, six and four year old who accompanied me to the show all loved this colourful, charming production with the youngest desperately wanting to meet the tiger or at least have him over to dinner. I guess we had better stock the fridge.
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