Entertainment Hive 2020


Adelaide Fringe, Station Underground, Hindley Street

Until 19 March

Review by Honey B

It has been 21 years since Trainspotting first hit the cinemas and its sequel, T2 Trainspotting was released this week. For those who want to re-live the original or join the hype, there is no better way than going to the live Trainspotting show at the Station Underground. The hazy, dark venue is the ideal space for a rave club and it’s right off of the seedy Hindley Street – perfect. This production is in-your-face stuff and it doesn’t flinch – although many audience members certainly do. All of the grit and the black comic tone of Irvine Walsh’s novel are in place in this noisy, head-spin of a performance. Be warned there are drugs, sex and nudity in this show and the amazing cast put in such visceral, whole body performances to bring the characters of Sick Boy, Tommy and Renton alive. This show is about youth, addiction, unemployment and urban isolation and it doesn’t waiver in its stark and dangerous portrayal of the drug scene in the late 1980s. Although it seems not much has changed in 2017 with the ice epidemic taking hold throughout Australia and illegal drugs still a big issue. The show draws the audience in as they become an integral part of this live performance. Join the Trainspotting revival before this hit show heads back to sell-out seasons in London.
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