Entertainment Hive 2020

Twelfth Night presented by The Company Theatre Mumbai

OzAsia Festival, Ukiyo Tent, Elder Park

September 23 to 24

Review by Honey B

Shakespeare’s comedy Twelfth Night is a raucous, hilarious, musical delight when performed in Hindi. The Company Theatre Mumbai has taken this classic piece of literature and filled it with even more passion and life through original music and songs, dancing and riotous chaos. Set in the busy city of Mumbai the play has the feel of the fast- paced, modern city. A backdrop featuring the Bard looks over the proceedings as the enthusiastic company brings its Bollywood spin to this play of mixed identities and genders. Twins Sebastian and Viola are shipwrecked, believing each other to be dead. Viola, disguised as a boy, serves Duke Orsino and is sent to woo Countess Olivia on his behalf. Mistaken identity and chaos ensues. First performed at Shakespeare’s Globe in London, this play is truly alive. It is raucous and is infused with passion and humour which comes out even more in the musical numbers. Cesario (Viola disguised as a boy) was outstanding as she dealt with wooing Olivia for the Count with many funny scenes. She also broke hearts as she sang her heart out and then lay on the floor in pain wishing the Duke loved her. It was wonderful when Olivia stole a kiss and Cesario’s fake moustache transferred to Olivia. The music is played live on-stage, the whole ensemble remains on cast and there are two big screens to translate the Hindi. The physically hilarious cast who all had brilliant timing included the very funny Dhruy Lohmi as Sebastan, the larger-than-life Anamika as Olivia and Titas Datta as the riveting Viola/Cesario. Dhwani Vij was also very funny and was a driving force in her scenes as Maria. Shakespeare is definitely much better in Hindi. Don’t miss this brilliant version of Twelfth Night.
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