Entertainment Hive 2018

The Umbilical Brothers in KidShow (Not Suitable For Children)

Adelaide Fringe, The Royalty Theatre, Angas St

Review by Honey B

The Umbilical Brothers bring their unique brand of comedy mime to the Adelaide Fringe. In their latest production the lads believe they are performing to a room full of children and not the adults that it actually contains. The frenetically paced performance flips between backstage "what the'' moments and giving their children's presenter all. The scene where they pick up some awesome new dance and a bit of mime was hilarious. For anyone who hated the Brady Bunch there was a particularly violent sketch and the two make sure that this show is definitely not for kids with some drug references and a particularly funny swearing/non-swearing skit. The guys proved they had boundless energy with the show running over time quite considerably, but no one seemed to mind at all.
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