Entertainment Hive 2019


The Garden of Unearthly Delights, Vagabond until March 13

Review by Honey B

Untapped is full of sass, physically demanding and inventive routines and it’s loud. The strong four-piece band was so loud that it pretty much drowned out the opening routine by dancers Jack Chambers, Sally Hare, Brianna Taylor, Keiran Heilbronn and Ginner Whitcombe. Fortunately when all members of the band were not playing the audience could hear what we came for – the tap beats. It did take a little while to settle into this overly loud show as the dancers were, to begin with, pretty loud and obnoxious. Once everything settled down this was a fun, family friendly show. The five dancers were highly skilled as were the band members and beatboxer/MC Genesis Cerezo. Leader of this skilful troupe is Jack Chambers, who won the first season of So You Think You Can Dance, and his dance skills were undeniable. Brianna Taylor was the sassy member of the ensemble, Sally Hare was intense and at the forefront of her field, Ginner Whitcombe provide some light relief and Keiran Heilbronn was certainly strong and had many acrobatic moves. The aptly titled show, Untapped, saw this talented five-some take off their taps and also dance barefoot, in flip-flops and flippers. Beatboxer Genesis had all of the youngsters onside with his effortless banter and awesome beatboxing techniques. This show is one for the whole family – but be careful where you sit, some seats don’t give audience members the best view of the dancers’ feet.
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