Entertainment Hive 2019

Lightning strikes for Grease stars

By Honey B

Grease The Musical stars Rob Mills and Gretel Scarlett have a relaxed chemistry that is easy to see. The duo stopped for a chat at the Adelaide media call and they wanted to encourage audience members to dress up, sing and meet them at Festival door after the show. "We love seeing everyone at the Festival door after the show,'' Scarlett enthused. "All sorts of people come along and it's wonderful to see what they are wearing and  how much they love the show.'' Mills echoes Scarlett's comments and says that Grease is one of the most enjoyable shows he has been involved with. "It's such a fantastic show and one that I watched many times growing up. "I'm enjoying playing Danny Zuko in my own way and loving the audience reaction.'' Watch as Mills and Scarlett chat more about Grease The Musical here: Grease The Musical, Adelaide Festival Theatre, until August 31. Bookings: BASS 131 246
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