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It’s no illusion, Raymond Crowe is back in Adelaide

By Honey B

Raymond Crowe is a clever and definitely an unusual magician and he is also a kind and gentle type of illusionist. Adelaide’s own renowned magic man returns home for one show only at Her Majesty’s Theatre on Saturday, November 15, and he’s looking forward to his “rare’’ homecoming performance. Here Crowe talks about his whimsical world of illusions, puppets, hand-shadows and ventriloquism. How did it feel to be part of the mega magical show, The Illusionists 2.0? “It is a wonderful experience. The nice thing about the show is that we are all individual speciality acts that rarely work with others, so there is a camaraderie and respect for each other. “We all want the show to be the best it possibly can be. The show is still touring the world and we will be in Melbourne next January.’’ How does it feel now to perform your own headlining magic show again? “This show I’m bringing to Adelaide has already been performed at the Sydney Opera House, Queensland Performing Arts Centre in Brisbane and Regional Victoria and New South Wales. So it’s great to finally bring the show to my home town here in Adelaide.’’ Can you tell us a bit about your latest show? “It’s the only show in the world that features a rock ukulele playing baby, a romantic performing flea, where paper butterflies come to life and live gold fish are caught in the audience! Now that’s Unusual!’’ You are so talented, as an illusionist, ventriloquist, shadow and mime artist, how did your love of magic grow? “I loved magic, puppets and ventriloquism as a child and slowly over the years as I grew up I developed other skills as a performer. These skills were so varied that I called myself an Unusualist.’’ Is there one facet of your art that really gets your heart racing and why? “I love live performance because my work uses a lot of audience participation and the show is never the same twice.’’ How many hours a day do you have to practice to keep your skills sharp? “I am continually developing and experimenting ideas and illusions and this keeps me busy most of the time. For this show at Her Majesty’s Theatre on November 15 I have been re-rehearsing and re- developing it over the past three weeks as the last time it was performed was in June 2014.’’ Do you have a favourite illusion you perform and why? “My favourite type of illusions are where inanimate objects come to life, be it simple paper butterflies, a borrowed dancing jacket or shadows cast upon a wall.’’ What are the best tips you can give people wanting to try their hand at magic? “Now has never been an easier time to learn magic. There are numerous DVDs and books to teach the technique of magic however the real secret of magic for me is the ability to perform and be able to share magic with other people. My suggestion to anyone is to take dance, acting and or voice classes because you also need to be a good actor to perform magic.’’ What do you love about performing a show in your hometown? “I get to perform all over the world however I rarely get to do a public performance in my home town – so this is very special.’’ How important is it to keep a sense of wonder and magic alive in the world? “It’s very important. People tend to say that my work has an innocence and fun about it. I love to look at the audience and see such a diverse age range – from seven to 97 who are all gasping and laughing at the same time - that is rare - that is wonderful. “To quote one of my heroes - Charlie Chaplin: ‘more than machinery we need humanity, more than cleverness we need kindness and gentleness’.’’ Raymond Crowe – The Unusualist, Her Majesty’s Theatre, Adelaide, Saturday, November 15. Bookings: BASS 131 246
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